Welcome and Why

Welcome to the Law Office of Christina M. DeMatteo, LLC! I am very excited about this new venture. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to represent a number of small business owners in their family law matters and have always found their entrepreneurship to be inspiring. They are typically resourceful, innovative, and extraordinarily hard-working.

As a family law attorney, I often have the unique opportunity to interview business owners in detail about their decisions, trying to understand the inner workings of their business, so that I can make strong arguments on their behalf. With that in mind, I’ll take this opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts on why I have decided to go out “on my own” after nearly twenty years of family law practice. So here it goes:

I’m “all in.”

By nature, I’ve always been invested in my work. I care about my clients, I care about my reputation, and I care about the greater legal community providing fair results in family law matters. However, opening my own firm takes it to a new level for me. Now, this is more than just a job — it’s my business.

I believe it will make me a better lawyer.

The process of opening a new law firm has given me new insights into how business owners think. It has required me to make new personal and business connections. It has expanded my horizons in terms of learning about technology. I have learned that I need to be able to work smarter and harder than I’ve ever had to work before (and I’ve always considered myself to be a hard worker!) It’s all part of a growth process which, I suspect, will certainly not be over the day the doors are open.

Having my own firm gives me the opportunity to expand my presence in the local community.

Family law (particularly in Pennsylvania) is a uniquely local practice. As a family law attorney, it’s important to know the community in which you are practicing. I’ve lived in the Philadelphia area since 1995 and have been practicing family law here since 1999. Having my own firm will now give me a vehicle to become more involved in the local community. I look forward to being able to support charitable events, sponsor a team, and be able to give back to the community on a greater level.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do.

The decision to open my own firm, is, of course, a personal one. It’s something I’ve thought about since I graduated law school. I’ve watched others “take the leap” and go out on their own. I’ve had many, many lunches over the years (and recently, a few more frantic phone calls) with other attorneys who have patiently answered my questions, provided me their advice, shared information (even about their own personal finances) and generally, offered me their sage wisdom. I am extraordinarily grateful to all of you (you know who you are) and I hope that in the near future, I will be able to “pay it forward” to someone else.